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30 Facts About Celebrities I’m Shocked We Don’t Talk About More Often

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Celebrities are often seen as larger-than-life figures who have everything under control. But behind the glamour and fame, they are also human beings with their own quirks, secrets, and stories. Some of these facts may surprise you, shock you, or make you admire them even more. Here are some of the most interesting and unusual facts about some of the most famous celebrities in the world.

  1. Matthew Perry lost part of his middle finger as a kid.
  2. Elvis Presley had a twin brother who was stillborn.
  3. Brad Pitt makes pottery.
  4. John Lennon was once a choir boy.
  5. Margot Robbie might have been a trapeze performer if she wasn’t an actress.
  6. Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes were all 33 years old when their marriages to Tom Cruise ended.
  7. Daniel Radcliffe broke over 80 wands while filming the Harry Potter movies because he used them as drumsticks.
  8. Adele, Leona Lewis, and Jessie J all went to the same school.
  9. Harrison Ford was a master carpenter before becoming a movie star.
  10. Lady Gaga taught herself to play the piano when she was only four years old.
  11. Willow Smith’s musical debut is 8 years earlier than her father’s (Will Smith), making her the youngest debuting superstar in her family.
  12. Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio once got into a bidding war for some Mongolian dinosaur bones.
  13. Britney Spears has a collection of 50 wigs.
  14. Rihanna has a phobia of whales.
  15. Angelina Jolie once owned a pet snake named Harry Dean Stanton.
  16. Colin Farrell says that Marilyn Monroe was the first woman he fell in love with.
  17. Tim Allen was a convicted drug dealer before becoming famous.
  18. Michael Jackson loved Mexican food, and later in his life, he loved KFC’s fried chicken.
  19. Cameron Diaz had no previous acting experience before she got the part in The Mask.
  20. Nicolas Cage once bought a pet octopus.
  21. Angelina Jolie has a pilot’s license.
  22. Justin Timberlake’s mother became Ryan Gosling’s legal guardian for six months when they were filming The Mickey Mouse Club.
  23. Jennifer Lawrence was a cheerleader in middle school.
  24. Johnny Depp is a licensed scuba diver.
  25. Angelina Jolie and her brother, James Haven, once wore vials of each other’s blood around their necks.
  26. Robert Pattinson is related to Dracula author Bram Stoker.
  27. Angelina Jolie has a tattoo of the coordinates of the birthplaces of all six of her children.
  28. Brad Pitt once worked as a chicken mascot for El Pollo Loco.
  29. Justin Bieber’s favorite TV show is Smallville.
  30. George Clooney once tried out for the Cincinnati Reds baseball team.
Bogdan Kravets

Bogdan Kravets

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