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How to earn real money in CS2?

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No matter what anyone says, the world of Counter-Strike 2 is not just about 5v5 matches in Premier Mode, but also a way to make a living and much more. We’ve all thought about how cool it would be to do what we love, namely playing Counter-Strike 2, and get paid for it.

In this article, exclusive to our readers, we will show you the main ways to earn money on Counter-Strike 2 in 2024. This list will include cases that involve some investment in the project, as well as cases where real money investment is not required.

№1 – CS2 Skins Trading

Since 2012, Counter-Strike has introduced thousands of different items, each valued by the market. However, the price of your item is influenced not only by its quality and wear. It’s also important to understand parameters like float, phase, and much more.

For example, collectors are ready to pay up to 60% more than the market value of a skin for rare stickers on your item. Or for a unique float. However, after the introduction of a 7-day ban on items, skin trading has taken on a slightly different form. Now, a specific item can only be traded once a week.

Remember that there are many platforms that allow P2P exchanges between traders, which somewhat simplifies this path. You can sell your skins for real money or exchange them with other players for more liquid or valuable items. However, skin trading has many tricks and skeletons in the closet that you should study before starting your journey in this area.

№2 – CS2 Skins Investment

The next way to earn money on Counter-Strike 2 is also related to skins, but here you don’t need to be constantly at the computer accepting Trade Offers in Steam. At first glance, investing in CS2 skins may seem like a simple task.

But, in reality, it is not. There are many pitfalls, unclear price drops and pumps, and much more. But we all remember how at the beginning of 2023 many items rose to incredible scales, updating all previous historical price highs. For example, the CS20 Case increased in price by 400%.

This shows us that investing in CS2 is a good way to earn money. But keep in mind that to engage in investments, you need to have a significant capital, so that even a 10-15% price movement brings not a couple of dollars, but a couple of thousand dollars.

Our advice to you is to pay attention to stickers, cases, and capsules, especially after the end of the first major in Counter-Strike 2 – PGL Major Copenhagen 2024.

№3 – Can You Pull a Lottery Ticket to a Luxurious Life?

And now we’re talking about opening cases in Counter-Strike 2. Let’s start with the fact that you need to consider that opening cases can cause gambling addiction and dependency. If you feel like opening cases — do it only with the amount of money you wouldn’t mind losing.

To open one case, you need to buy a key for it and the case itself. This entire procedure will cost you approximately $3.4, depending on the cost of the case, as the keys have a fixed price of $2.46.

Below we present to you the chances of getting different items in cases, found after opening 100 thousand cases on one account:

  • Blue – 79.92%.
  • Purple – 15.98%.
  • Pink – 3.20%.
  • Red – 0.64%.
  • Knives and gloves – 0.26%.

Certainly, you can open a case once and pull out a $10,000 knife, but the chance of that is only 0.26%. So be careful and protect your savings.

№4 – Why Not Create Your Own Skins?

If you consider CS2 as a source of income, one of the most effective ways is to create skins. Not everyone knows, but most of the skins in the game were not developed by Valve, but by independent designers, known in the gaming community as skin creators. These artists design unique skins and post them on the Steam Workshop platform. When it comes time to release a new case, the CS2 team selects suitable skins from the Workshop to include in the case. Skin creators receive a percentage of sales from each case, and this income does not depend on the rarity of the skin.

Such deals can bring in huge sums. For example, one of the skin creators, JTPNZ, was able to pay for his college education in the USA thanks to the income from selling his Printstreams. De Puiseau partially finances his game development studio with the profits from skins like SG553 Heavy Metal, MAC-10 Pipe Down, and P90 Vent Rush. Another talented designer, Madara, used the income from his skins to open a tattoo studio.

However, it should be noted that Valve releases only 2-3 cases per year, and each includes only 17 skins. Considering that a huge number of skins are uploaded to the Workshop every day, the chances of getting into the next case are not so great. To date, the community has not yet deciphered exactly how developers choose skins for cases, so luck plays an important role in this process. Nevertheless, if the developers once select your skin, it is quite likely that they will pay attention to your other works in the future.

№5 Mom, I’m Now an Esports Athlete, You Can Retire

Building a career in the world of esports is like embarking on a long journey, full of hard training, self-development, and endless tournaments. From modest local competitions to global arenas, such as majors, ESL, and BLAST, every victory and every defeat is closely linked to your talent and efforts.

Of course, participating in major tournaments with their impressive prize pools is just the tip of the iceberg. For those dreaming of a professional career in CS2, the key is to find your unique path and unlock your own talents.

It’s important to find your place in the team, adapt to new challenges, and tirelessly work on improving your skills. Success often depends on team cohesion and readiness for open dialogue and new opportunities.

Remember, it’s always useful to have a backup plan. The world of esports is full of surprises, and it’s not always possible to control all the circumstances. Inspired by the successes of great players, strive to go your own way, drawing lessons from their experience, but not blindly copying them.

After all, more than 5 million players play our game every month, but only about 150 people earn good money from their play.

№6 Creating Content for Counter-Strike 2

Lately, Counter-Strike has been experiencing a real renaissance. It’s also noticeable that even those who previously played only occasionally now show more enthusiasm for participating in matches and watching game content.

For streamers and content creators, this is a golden age. Videos about CS2 are breaking view count records. Increased attention to this game promises revenues both from advertising on video platforms and direct sponsorship.

In this situation, it’s important to consider a few points:

First, your skill in CS2 must be top-notch. Viewers should have a reason to follow your streams.

Second, equipment matters. You don’t need to have the most expensive computer and professional lighting, but it’s important that everything works smoothly and pleases the eye.

Think about which streams you like to watch. Would you watch a streamer without a camera, with a slow computer, and a bad microphone? Quality basic equipment is your first step towards experience, and then towards earnings.

Third, the consistency and regularity of your streams are extremely important. If you decide to start streaming or run a channel on YouTube, make a clear schedule and stick to it. Don’t expect quick income — this is a process that may take time. Think about how you will support yourself in the first few months until your channel picks up steam.

The role of a content creator in CS2 today is not only an exciting activity but also potentially a profitable business. But success depends on many factors: the individuality of your style, the uniqueness of your material delivery, and the ability to engage the viewer.

Many try to break through in this area, but lady luck doesn’t smile on everyone. Perhaps you will be among those who achieve success, earn recognition, and find your sponsors. However, always remember the potential risks. If you’re interested, we’ve prepared an article with useful tips for streamers on Twitch — we recommend reading it for additional information.

But also don’t forget about TikTok. Honestly, if you try, you can make content for this video hosting simply with a phone. Make streamer cuts or compilations of the most beautiful moments from professional matches. Everything depends only on the potential of your imagination.

Summing up

Flexibility and a creative approach are important for earning money in CS2. We have discussed various methods that can be combined and adapted. Don’t be afraid to experiment with content and collaborate with other streamers. This will help you find your style and expand your audience.

Consider selling lessons and sharing your experience with beginners. Your skills and knowledge can be in demand. Use elements of skin trading in your videos and streams. This can add uniqueness to your content.

Your efforts and passion for CS2 will open up new opportunities for you to earn money.

Bogdan Kravets

Bogdan Kravets

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